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It is hereby agreed between Reid's Auction Canada Inc. and the owner named above, that the above listed property chattels or goods be sold by public auction.

Auctioneer is to conduct the sale for which the owner agrees to pay him a sum of _____% from the proceeds of the sale, and will not receive any proceeds for items sold under $5.00 unless agreed.

The owner will have the items, articles and or merchandise in presentable condition on viewing day.

Items received by Reid's Auction Canada Inc. which are not in presentable condition, may be subject to cleaning and or restoration fees at a rate of $50.00 per hour. If goods are deemed unsaleable, the owner shall be charged with storage fees of $5.00 per square foot per month and/or disposal charge calculated at a rate determined by the quantity and size of the goods. Minimum charge of $20.00 will apply.

Articles listed above and sold before sale day are subjecte to regular commission. Goods sold on a conditional or reserve basis which are not released by the owner shall be subject to a commission charge of 10% of the reserve price.

Consigned items that are rescinded by the consignee prior to being sold will be subject to a full commission based on the appraised item value.

Owner authorizes Reid's Auction Canada Inc. or any of their representatives to accept cash or cheque in settlement and agrees Reid's Auction Canada Inc. will not be responsible for any cheques or payments that cannot be negotiated.

Owner must carry full insurance on items as Reid's Auction Canada Inc. will not be responsible for fire, theft, or liability, etc.

Canada, Province of Alberta



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I, of the city of Calgary in the Province of Alberta,

  1. That I am the (agent) owner of the goods listed in the schedule marked "Exhibit A" to this my declaration
  2. I declare that the said goods are not subject to any mortgage, charge, lien, or any encumbrance except those listed in "Exhibit B" herein.
  3. I have listed the said goods with REID'S AUCTION CANADA INC. in the province of Alberta and this declaration is furnished to the pursuant to the "Public Auction Act" Statutes of Alberta 1981 and I make this solemn declaration conscientiously it to be true and knowning that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath by virtue of the Canada Evidence Act DECLARED BEFORE ME at the city of Calgary in the province of Alberta.
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